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    Forum Rules!


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    Forum Rules! Empty Forum Rules!

    Post  edina Tue May 15, 2007 3:41 pm

    Like every site we have our own rules which are made only to make your membership more comfortable and eliminate all possible bad things.

    All we want from you is:

    1. Respect others and treat them as you want to be treated.

    2. Do not use forum resources in abusive ways like spamming, advertising or posting bad things.

    3. If you completed the registration then please use your account. Being inactive means that you don't like us.

    4. Inactive accounts will be deleted after 6 months.

    5. Do not ask to be a moderator or other priviledges. It's annoying and we don't like it!

    6. Don't argue with administration team, if you were warned means that there is a serious reason. We are humans aswell and all we want is to keep this place safe and clean.

    7. Do not give your mail address and other personal informations to anyone! This could save you from troubles later.

    8. Do not post external links unless these are usefull to someone.

    9. No hacking and cracking content in your posts or chat.

    10.Dont create multiple id's and don't send spamming messages (PM or posts), some of us are undercover moderators.

    11.Please try to avoid multiple posts, if you want to add something to your replies or topics, just use the EDIT button.

    12.You have the right to report any post or user for breaking our rules. But please do not abuse on this option and press the REPORT button just to keep a moderator busy.

    13.If by any chance a moderator misbehaved please contact the Admin directly via Private Message and explain clearly what happened. If you can keep a record of the facts (conversations in chatroom, PM's or topic replies) it would be even better.

    14.Don't post torrents, hublinks or any other stuffs related to file sharing and downloads. Edi's World is just a simple community forum.

    15.We try to keep this place close to "family oriented" concept which means that every post will be checked by moderators and we will take action against those who come here just to mess this place.

    This is all for now, I hope everything is clear but if you still have anything to say, you are welcome.

    Enjoy your time here!


    Forum Rules! Styluc10

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