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    Emoticons list


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    Emoticons list Empty Emoticons list

    Post  edina Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:27 pm

    Here are the basic emoticons which can be used in the forum:

      Very Happy Very Happy
      Smile Smile
      Sad Sad
      Surprised Surprised
      Shocked Shocked
      Cool Cool
      Laughing Laughing
      Mad Mad
      Razz Razz
      Embarassed Embarassed
      Crying or Very sad Crying or Very Sad
      Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
      Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
      Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
      Wink Wink
      Exclamation Exclamation
      Question Question
      Idea Idea
      Arrow Arrow
      Neutral Neutral
      What a Face What a Face
      Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ Heaven
      Suspect Suspect
      I love you I Love You
      No No
      @ @
      clown Clown
      tongue Tongue
      silent Silent
      pale Pale
      alien Alien
      cat Cat
      monkey Monkey
      pig Pig
      bounce Bounce
      confused Confused
      affraid Affraid
      Basketball Basketball
      cheers Cheers
      bom Bom
      drunken Drunken
      Sleep Sleep
      sunny Sunny
      cherry Cherry
      santa Santa
      rendeer Rendeer
      farao Farao
      king King
      queen Queen
      jocolor Joker
      geek Geek
      scratch Scratch
      study Study
      elephant Elephant
      flower Flower
      afro Afro
      lol! Lol

    Well, that's all for now but one of our members suggested that would be nice to have some more cool emoticons. I am working on this and hope to update the emoticons database in few days. Smile
    Till then try to manage with these and feel free to share your ideas regarding this forum.


    Emoticons list Styluc10

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