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    Post  DarkAngel Sat Aug 11, 2007 1:32 am


    First of all, I wanna say a warm welcome and I am really happy because you decided to be a part of our community. Now let me guide you...
    Here are the answers to most asked questions regarding using the forum features:

    Question Why I see only official section of the forum?
    Arrow That is because you are not registered. This means you have to create your own identity using a nickname and a password. Being not just a simple visitor gives you access to all sections of the forum, chatroom and some more features.

    Question What actualy means a forum?
    Arrow It's a place on World Wide Web designed for virtual communities, which allows unlimited number of users who can meet and talk about their favorite things. Basically it means open topics. We created different categories to help users navigate easly and moderate them well.

    Question Who can join?
    Arrow Anyone. Here it doesnt matter your skin color, your religion or the place where you live. We respect all members and do our best to make everyone feel a part of this place.

    Question Who can open a topic and reply?
    Arrow All members are free to post in any section. We recommend you check the topics first before starting a new one as you might see that others discuss already about what you have in mind. Follow the rules and there should be no problem.

    Question Why i cannot send private messages?
    Arrow That is because you have less than 10 posts and your status is set to Inactive Member. You will see that after your posts number will increase you will gain access to PM feature. We put this restriction because of those who were coming here just to advertise their websites using private messaging system.

    Question Why I cannot display my avatar?
    Arrow You need to be an active member which means have atleast 10 posts or more.

    Question Tell me more about groups.
    Arrow We created few groups to manage users priviledges and have a clear evidence of their activity.
    Administrators group contains all our members who have admin access on the forum. This helps others to see and contact the management team without wasting time on asking everyone whom should they talk.
    Forum moderators have only forum mod access and they are a very important part of our management team as you will always meet them and contact if you have any problems.
    Chat moderators are visible in chatroom and they are able to control users while they are chatting. Contact them if you need.
    Advertisers are those persons who help us advertise our forum, exchange links or they are here because they joined advertising program.
    Active members are those users who have more than 10 posts. They have full access in all public sections.
    Inactive members can't use certain features like PM and avatar display as they dont have the required number of posts.
    Banned group contains all members who were banned for breaking the rules or other reasons. They can be banned for always or just for a short period.

    Question What about ranks?
    Arrow We have some special ranks, like Administrator or Moderator and simple ranks which are avaible for all users. Here is the list of members ranks:
      Administrator (special rank)
      Forum Moderator (special rank)
      Chat Moderator (special rank)
      Advertiser (special rank)
      Inactive Member (less than 10 posts)
      Active Member (atleast 10 posts)
      Addicted Member (atleast 100 posts)
      Senior Member (atleast 250 posts)

    Idea After having more than 500 posts you can choose your own custom rank.

    Question What is signature?
    Arrow It can be your own name, a text or a image. Signature defines you and you can see it in all your messages. Please do not abuse and set large images as your signature.

    Question Can I change the appearance of the forum?
    Arrow Unfortunatly this is impossible. The admin is still working on this feature. We hope that soon it will be possible to add some more skins.

    Question I wanna see the menu in my own language. Is this possible?
    Arrow Yes. Our forum provider added almost all languages in forum settings. All you need to do is to go in your profile and select the language you want. But remember, in posts and chat only english is allowed. We can create sepparate sections if there are more than 15 members who speak the same language.

    Well, that's all I have in mind right now, but no worries I will update this section anytime i get something new. If you don't find your answer in FAQ or in this thread feel free to ask for help in Technical Support section. Your questions will show us how to improve this guide.

    I wish you a great time!

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